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Healing Class

My focus is empowering creatives and entertainment professionals who are dedicated to their craft and want to make a positive impact. Together we embrace the individuality of your talent to incur profound change in how you approach your practice, relationship and life purpose.

With ThetaHealing, we can redefine your goals and clear the subconscious beliefs that used to prevent you from experiencing your dreams. You will step into a meaningful career, work with intuition and express yourself and your talent into the world. — What makes your heart sing?

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ThetaHealing Basic DNA
Saturday, March 3 – Monday, March 5 from 11am to 6pm
New York Open Center, 22 E 30th St, New York, NY 10016 – United States

This three-day training gives you the basic tools to practice ThetaHealing in your everyday life. You will learn how to meditate to be in theta brainwave so you can identify and reprogram the blockages of your subconscious and how to manifest what you desire in your life. This technique is a shift of consciousness where you realize the universe surrounding us is energy you can shift with your thoughts. In this class you learn healing exercises such as the DNA activation, protection from EMF radiations, and how to connect with presences from the angelic realm. You will discover the principles of the Seven Planes of existence, so you can access a deeper understanding and knowledge of your spiritual development and your ability to heal.

ThetaHealing Advanced DNA
Monday, March 5 – Wednesday, March 7 from 11am to 6pm
CRS (Union Square), 4th Avenue, New York, NY 10013 – United States

This three-day workshop is like an opening of the psychic senses, packed with energetic downloads to trigger positive emotions in the magnetic field of the body. You will deepen your technique with belief work, digging with fears and resentment in order to resolve past issues and obtain physical well being. Exercises you can use in your work include healing the broken soul, unconditional love for the baby in the womb, intuitively connect with an ancestor, and an introduction to working with plants and animals. The class allows you to work on yourself, triggers a deep awakening to overcome past trauma and be most efficient in our healing work and what we are creating into our lives. (Basic DNA pre-required)

Private Session

Brining both the experience of the artist, and resources from a business perspective, give me an unique perception of the creative potential of each individual.

I also specialize in connecting your body and voice, which will give you new perspectives for your work. We can work together for an Audition, Job Interview or Speaking Engagement. You will get the tools to project your voice with your whole body, assert your personality, improve your posture and space awareness. Analyzing the words, we determine the objectives and actions suited for your character to win over your audience and exude brilliant acting and personality.

“Flo is a highly intuitive, compassionate ThetaHealing practitioner that uses her performance and communication skills to guide you through self-awareness and processing with joy and kindness. We have worked together for a few months and I have seen results in very practical terms. My situation has shifted and I’m very thankful for her help.” Angela Lang, author