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Short Choreographies


Weep (2009) is a dance choreography fusing movement and sound that explores how connected bodies can sculpt space on various levels. Choreography by Flo Ankah Dancers: Jessica Dixon Majka, Nana Miki and Flo Ankah Live digeridoo: Tony Arnaud Music by: Moondog, Marty Costume: Jessica Dixon Majka
  • Made possible by DanceNOW/nyc – Silo Residency and The Field
  • Movement Research at the Judson Church, New York City
Nice use of the powerful space. Minimal movement with a reserved rapid reflexivity. —Fast Forward


Conversation (2007) is a modern dance choreography exploring relationship in space, playing with magnetic tension, two bodies at a time. The videography by Jil Guyon transports us into an organic universe, highlighted by the soundscape by Thomas Bryan Eaton. Conceived by Flo Ankah and Jil Guyon Choreography and video editing by Flo Ankah Art video and costume Jil Guyon Costume design Kat Martin Performers Maia Sage, Jil Guyon and Flo Ankah Soundscape by Thomas Bryan Eaton Lighting Design by Alberto Bohl Special Thanks to the Merce Cunningham Studio, Faye Ellman (photography), Christina Foster
  • This program has been made possible in part through the sponsorship of The Field.
  • December 17, 2006: Merce Cunningham Studio, 55 Bethune Street, New York City
  • January 9, 2007: Dance New Amsterdam, 280 Broadway, New York City
  • February 10, 2007: BPM Studio, 237 Kent Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York


Collaborative and multidisciplinary, echO (2006) fuses different art forms into one moment, integrating movement, sound words and colors. Performers: Nana Miki (dance and choreography), Camille de Galbert (dance and choreography), Samir Bitar (dance and choreography), Patricia Noworol (dance and choreography), Flo Ankah (dance and choreography) Technical collaborators: Camille de Galbert (videography), Thomas Bryan Eaton (live music, sound design), George B. Gross (lighting design), Antonio Mattaliano (photography, video coordinator), April Dolan (painting exhibition, reservations, entrance), Pablo Ortega, Renata Sequeira (camera) Special thanks to: Anne Calas, Maureen Weiner, Christina Foster, Merce Cunningham Studio
  • This program has been made possible in part through the sponsorship of The Field.


VibraForm (2005) is a dance choreography for five bodies. Fusing movement and sound, the piece goes from introspection to communication. In an effort to obtain raw movement away from conventional dance technique, some of the performers have no dance training. After graduating from the Merce Cunningham Dance Studio, Flo Ankah started teaching free classes in Central Park. She called her technique “Body-Voice: Creative Instrument”. Observing the student’s process combining movement and sound as a group was a strong experience and she decided to bring the work to the stage. Choreography and Soundscape by Flo Ankah Performed by Dania Antinori, Quinn Batson, April Dolan, David V. Koenig and Flo Ankah
  • September 13, 2005: HERE Arts Center (Fielday), 145 6th Avenue, New York City

Rambling Thoughts

Rambling Thoughts (2004) is a structured dance improvisation. Using a video projection and a soundscape to create the atmosphere of the piece, the solo performer recites a monologue and vocalizes abstract sounds. The piece explores the relationship between human voice and movement, words leading to movement and dance leading to sounds. Every change is the recording is illustrated visually in the video montage. Choreography, performance and soundscape by Flo Ankah Video montage by Flo Ankah and Sébastien Haizet Videography by Hugo Annequin, Special Thanks to Malika Bassaid
  • July 14, 2004: Merce Cunningham Studio, 55 Bethune Street, New York City
  • November 6, 2004: The Works Studio/Hatch Presenting Series, New York City