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The Right Way to Ditch Your Child

Sometimes parents need a break from raising rebellious teenagers. What happens when a challenged mother decides she needs a permanent break? The Right Way to Ditch Your Child explores some of the available options.
  • Premiere at the 6th Big Apple Film Festival

A Debt in the Life

Francine and Roger, each having their own dramas with debt, meet on a blind date and find joyful connection in the sea of troubles.

Shear Pratique

Desperate for a last-minute haircut, Carol convinces Maddy to do the job (co-produced with Fetodova Productions).
  • Cinéglobe Film Festival
  • SAG Short film screening at DGA

Terrain Razzari

A French farm boy wants nothing more than to play with his soccer ball, several obstacles await him on his journey.
  • ReelKids Film Festival, Ontario 2011
  • Children’s Film Festival Seattle 2011
  • 15th Festival Internacional de Cine para Niños (…y no tan Niños)
  • Brooklyn Academy of Music (12th BAMKids Film Festival, by invitation)
  • 26th Chicago International Children’s Film Festival
  • 7th San Diego International Children’s Film Festival (at Comic-con)
  • 6th Dam Short Film Festival (Boulder City)

First Date

As Marie speed dates for the first time right after her boyfriend breaks up with her, she sees the market is not quite promising.

Text Me Mon Chéri

A young woman thinks she is in love, but she finds herself text messaging a lot, too much.