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Thank you again for bringing life to my music in such a beautiful way. You surpassed my wildest expectations with your superb performance!
Nan Schwartz, composer

Thanks for bringing your fantastic voice, sweet spirit, and positive energy to the show. I loved watching you blossom throughout the process. I hope the opportunity arises for us to be creative together again.
Vincent Paterson, director

Another consummate professional. Flo only came here about six hours ago, and immediately got the sheet music, read it down in the studio, put it down for a record, recording it in French and in English, keeping some of her own translations because she wanted to make it just perfect. And then coming here and immediately dancing, singing, acting and making the song her own.
Doug Katsaros, music director & conductor

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EDITH PIAF ALIVE, a play with music

French actress and singer Floanne recounts the Piaf story. This authentic ‘chanteuse’ and farm girl opens the door to her culture, by taking a closer look at the legendary ‘Little Sparrow’ —with that husky, mournful voice so popular in the 1940’ and 50’s. The performance is a culturally rich and moving presentation that will make you smile, with tunes that transporting you back in time.

Yes, both Floanne and Edith Piaf will be attending the rendez-vous in a medley of vintage tunes from their native France… with a modern twist. She will embody the legend, interpreting the melodies from her point of view as a child, imagining Piaf’s characters coming to life. Down to earth, sensual and bohemian as her beloved Edith, Floanne will make you discover her poignant music and share her unconventional life.

Interview on New York Theater Review

LOVE IS FRENCH, solo performance

For the third year, the playful and seductive Floanne is presenting her concert of French chanson with a modern twist at Joe’s Pub for Bastille Day to ravish the ear of the Francophile and culturally curious New Yorker.  With her jazz musicians, she will weave vintage songs into a didactic presentation, dissecting with humor and wisdom the cliché that romances can be, in a journey of love through time in the French culture.

This nightclub solo show with a comedic flavor, a lot of personality and romantic overtones will leave you with much to explore and talk about, even if you disagree. The twitter handle #lifewithflow is projected onto the stage, so each audience member, alone, in couple, or on a blind date… can share their love stories. Come and revisit love from where it first originated, France, because after all French is the language of love, and Love is French.

The Public Theater– Livestream from Joe’s Pub channel